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About Us

Mesa Plastik Hakkında

Mesa Plastik, based in Istanbul/Turkey, is a company providing services in the plastics injection molding industry.

Mesa Plastik provides many low cost services and these include plastic injection mold design and printing application of plastic injection products. We provide all these services at the lowest possible costs. We believe that our company will also be successful when your project is successful of bringing profit.

Mesa Plastik was established in 1976 by Mehmet Gürcü. We started the work with a simple plastic injection machine. Thanks to our team's focus on customer satisfaction, we now have a facility fully-equipped with advanced plastic injection machines. Our company continues to grow and improve its facilities to meet the needs of our customers.

We start with your opinion, we turn your ideas into products that will meet your expectations.

Rapid and Pointblank Offers

Mesa Plastik will guide you through a complete cost analysis. Cost analysis will be made according to the weight, volume and installation requirements of the part demanded.

Quality Assurance

Mesa Plastik's team consists of professionals who are working to provide high quality finished products at the lowest possible cost. We start work with the highest quality materials and the right equipment for the right job, and inspect all parts at every stage of production. We endeavor to fully meet your quality requirements. Thanks to our state-of-the-art , cutting edge technological equipment and experience, you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

Product Development

We work with large and small companies, industry designers, individuals and investors to develop new products. You will find out that we are always open to brainstorm on your ideas and we want to help to bring them to the market as economically as possible.

Project Management

Our company can manage your project and save you money by reducing your expenses. Mesa Plastik will coordinate your project through the network of production professionals and ensure that your product is delivered on time and conforms to the features you want, ensuring quality at every stage.

Since 1976, we have successfully developed and produced quality products to support our hundreds of customers in Turkey and countries all over the world.

Things We Are Capable Of

We use most advanced injection molding machines (from 100 tons to 400 tons capacity). In addition to printing of various types of plastic products on the scale between 2 grams and 500 grams, we also design the molds required for the same products. Please check the pages on Plastic Injection Mold Design and Plastic Injection Press for full details.


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